Wednesday, February 10, 2010

what....another snow day?!?

After a 2 hr delay yesterday, we are at home for day #6 after yet another winter storm has blown through! The weathermen really messed up this time. I think they led everyone to believe we were just going to get mostly rain out of this last storm. Thankfully my county made the decision to close before 6 am, because some schools closed while they had kids on buses en route to schools. What a mess! Here is a picture from the dining room window. (I am most impressed because I took this picture on the manual setting of the camera! The auto setting tried focusing on the window panes.)
Bryce has decided that he needs to be in control of feeding himself when a utensil is involved. Unfortunately, he is not coordinated enough to do it, and the food falls off because he turns it upside down. However, I think I have avoided the problem by giving him an extra spoon when he is eating. He doesn't have to know he's not really putting any food in his mouth, ha!

Our little baseball player. I remember when I told the girls at work what we were going to name of the teachers said it sounded like a baseball player, ha! Bryce smiled on command for this picture.

We are working on hitting the ball off the tee.

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