Thursday, February 18, 2010

whirlwind day

Today has been a BIG day. Jason got a call from our agent this morning letting us know we were having 2 showings on our house. I got very worked up the last time we found out in the middle of the day that we were having showings and I hadn't left the house perfect. He decided not to pass on the information today, which was good because I had parent teacher conferences today and that would have gotten me all distracted. The second couple liked the house and put an offer in. We counter offered and the couple verbalized confirmation and will hopefully be signing the contract tomorrow and we will either be homeless or new home owners on March 26.

Here is where things get tricky. We thought the market was slow because of the economy, but apparently not. We put our contract on the house today that we have been looking at since April. Another couple put a contract on the house today, too, and there has been another contract on the house for months, but they had to sell their house first. So now it is just a waiting game. We have to see if the seller is going to accept our contract or the other couple's contract. We are hoping that our closing date is more appealing to the seller since he has been out of the house for months and he is ready to be rid of it. However, if he does accept our contract, the original couple with a contract have to come up with the money in 48 hours if they want it and then if they can't, then we would get it.

I just feel like this is meant to happen in our favor. How come the other house has been on the market the whole time we have had ours on the market? Why would it get swept out from under us at the last second?! Keeping our fingers crossed that things work out. It is already emotional enough to leave our first house, but to leave it with no new house in sight will be even worse!

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A Wedding Story said...

OH GRACE!!! That's so good!! I am writing you an email now!