Monday, February 1, 2010

snow day #1

Bryce and I enjoyed our first snow day. Of course Saturday and Sunday were a snow day, but today really counts because school was closed! I love knowing the night before that we don't have school. I can rest easy again tonight because they have already cancelled tomorrow!
Jason had the yard stick out to measure the snow this weekend and Bryce has fallen in love with it. He dragged it around the house with him all morning. I was worried he was going to kill Macy with it, but we all survived. I did much better once I learned not to try and carry Bryce and the yard stick and put him down with it. It stabbed me in the neck and about killed me too! We got a little bored being snowed in this weekend, so we went ahead and gave Bryce his birthday present (the ABC mat he is sitting on). He loves it and he has already figured out how to get the letters out.

Bryce loves to climb and explore. He got under the exersaucer today to get some of the extra pieces of his mat that won't fit because our house it TOO small. He had fun under there, but he is definitely getting to big to do it much longer.

Here he is on the way out. Can you see his two cute little teeth? Bryce tried taking a few more steps today. He is willing to try and walk once I get him balanced on his feet, but he is very stubborn and just wants to sit. Stay tuned tomorrow for an update on snow day #2. YAY!

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