Monday, February 8, 2010

yet another snow day

I was surprised we didn't have school today because all the roads around us are clear. I realize there are very rural parts of our county that have not been cleared and that got more snow than we did, but I just can't believe I'm on snow day #5. I'm seeing on Facebook that there are still some school parking lots that have not been touched. However, it is only 2:30. I guess more plowing can be done in 3 more hours?!

After taking Bryce to Inflatable Palace a few weeks ago, I knew I wanted to get him some kind of inflatable toy for his birthday that we could fill with balls and recreate the adventure. After hunting online, I found one that I liked (see below), but it was sold out everywhere. Once I did more researching, I realized the product was cheap and not worth the money. So I had the genius idea of just buying the balls and filling Bryce's inflatable pool with them. We need to clean the pool up some, but in the mean time, Bryce is happy playing in the balls on the Florida room floor, ha!
The reviews said that the barn didn't inflate well and it didn't stay up. They also said that they don't hold air because they get holes or pop very easily.
I corralled all the balls into one place on the floor and Bryce was very satisfied.

Oh, to be a kid again!

I didn't have the good camera with me and the sun coming in didn't provide great lighting, but I still think he looks like the cutest baby in the world!


Sara said...

Ball pits are the best for little ones :) We have the one that you have pictured, and we LOVE it! We got it for Emma for her birthday over 4 months ago and it has been wonderful! Not sure why people were giving it bad reviews... Emma is SUPER - and I mean SUPER - rough with it and we've never any had issues with deflating, etc. The barn stands up perfectly. Just wanted to give you a personal opinion ;) However, the pool is a great idea!

Melissa said...

Hey Grace, we baught that same ball pit for our little boy for his 1st birthday. I agree with Sara, I am not sure why it is getting bad reviews. My little boy is rough with it and puts everything you can imagine in there and it is holding up just fine! He loves it and I would recommend it to anyone! Good luck!