Wednesday, February 3, 2010

back to reality

Back to work tomorrow! Bryce and I sure have had fun this week. Bryce even gets to have his daddy home with him on Friday. Poor little guy probably misses Chase and is wondering why he has to keep playing with his mommy and daddy, ha! He got to spend a few hours with Chase today while I went shopping. Snow day # 3 was not as picture filled as the past few days.
Bryce enjoys following me into the bathroom in the morning while I'm getting ready. You would think he could entertain himself with all his book and toys, but nope, he just wants to crawl around in filth in the bathroom. Not that our bathroom is all that dirty, but it IS a bathroom. Here he is getting caught unraveling an ENTIRE roll of toilet paper. Not that I'm encouraging this behavior, but it did keep him occupied while I got ready this morning.

It's like he's saying, "uh, this isn't good"! He was waiting for a reprimand, but he didn't get one. I mean really, look at that cuteness!

I got out and did a little shopping for me today and boy did it feel good! I'm lucky that MeMaw gets the same snow days as I do and she is available for some Bryce time when I need some me time! NY&Co was having a great deal on pants. I got two pair of pants for the price of one. I found one pair of pants I really liked, but I had trouble finding a second. I got really frustrated and almost left with nothing because it would be silly to pay for one pair of pants and just get one pair of pants. I know that sounds silly, but I wanted the deal. I finally found the same pants in a different color. Don't be surprised if you don't get daily updates on the B-man as life gets back to normal and I actually have to work, ha!

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