Saturday, February 6, 2010

another snowy saturday

I know you are probably tired of seeing pictures of Bryce sitting in piles of tissues or toilet paper and wondering why we let him waste them, but this was the last box of tissues and we baby proofed the bathroom cabinet today so he will not be getting any more toilet paper, ha! Since we are snowed in for the second Saturday in a row, we have found that a happy baby makes for happy parents so what's the harm in a box of tissues, right?!?
Each day Bryce is getting better at standing on his own. For some reason, he tends to bend over in this position before standing up. I personally think it's the cutest thing I have ever seen!

Then he gets into a squatting position.

And he's up! Then we say YAY and he claps because we are excited.

Then he's down.

We actually have church tomorrow so at least we will get out of the house for a bit. And it won't be so bad because the snow has finally stopped falling! The view from our front door makes me think we could possibly go back to school on Monday. However, a lot of other teachers and people who live on the other end of the county are predicting Thursday. With the cold temperatures and the prediction for snow mid-week, we may never go back to school. I like snow and a break from school, but I LOVE summer and a big break from school. Too many more days missed and they will be cutting into my summer vacation.

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Brittany and Grant said...

So...what was the verdict? Back to school today? We had three snowdays last week but did not get this storm yall just got. We have missed our max of snow days so I don't want to be out anymore!