Friday, February 5, 2010

snow day # 4

While Bryce was napping and I was blogging, Jason was building. Jason fought the elements and the weight of balled up snow and created this master piece. We took Bryce out to see the snowman when he woke up from his nap. He was very fascinated by it.
Jason's goal was to make the snowman taller than him. He succeeded!

Snow storm number 3 is upon us and I'm at home for the fourth day this week! We went to school 2 hours late yesterday and then they cancelled school today before it even started snowing. However, when the weather forecast calls for 6-8 inches of snow, what do you do?! At times, I thought we probably would have been alright to go to school today, but I'm not complaining about being home with BOTH my boys today. We started the day off at Krispy Kreme. I saw mini donuts the last time we were there and I couldn't wait until Bryce was big enough to eat real food so we could get him one (or two)!

Bryce did not complain that the mini donuts had to be purchased in twos. How excited does he look about eating a donut?! Keep in mind he has never had one (well at least not that we know of).
First bite

The first bite was so good that he decided to shove the whole thing in his mouth, ha!

He liked it so much that he wanted to get his hands on the second one so we wouldn't take it. I had only planned on him having one, but I was having too much fun watching him enjoy it to say no.

Donut anyone?

His face was a sticky mess when he was done!

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Josh, Jamie, Kaleb, Kathryn & Maggie said...

Looks like Bryce REALLY enjoyed those donuts! I'm so glad all three of you were able to spend the day together! :o)