Monday, February 1, 2010


I think I have only owned snow boots twice in my life. I had boots as a child because it actually snowed in Virginia when I was a child and I had boots when I went to college at Virginia Tech. However, my adult snow boots were just not cute. I realize snow boots are for function and not fashion, but I need fashion. Since we have had 3 snow storms (2 in the last month) since Bryce was born, I decided I needed some better snow attire.

A teacher friend of mine got some really cute leopard rain boots from Walmart before the first snow storm and I had planned on getting some. Of course life got in the way and I forgot about a silly snow boot and really didn't think I would need them. Well............I need them. I tried to buy the boots at Walmart and they were sold out so I ended up finding some polka dot boots at Target for the same price. Maybe they will get here before all the snow melts because you know it won't snow anymore now that I have them! But technically since they are rain boots, I should be able to get my money's worth. Can you tell it's a snow day and I'm taking advantage of Bryce's nap time?!

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A Wedding Story said...

Be sure you wear super warm socks b/c my feet freeze in my rain boots in the snow! Brrr! I'm glad you have a snow day!