Saturday, January 30, 2010

the view from here

Why can't the weather bring snow on a school day? Last time it snowed, it started on the Friday night before Christmas vacation and now we have snow on another weekend. My only hope for a snow day is for the VERY cold temperatures they are calling for to keep the snow on the ground! In the mean time, we have hunkered down for a weekend snow day. Here is the view from the back door. (I think we're up to at least 11 inches).
We faced the car so we could get out easily if need be. However, I have no desire to get myself and Bryce out to the car. Jason, on the other hand, CANNOT stand to spend an entire day at home so he took his truck out for some fun in the snow. When the mail came today, I asked Jason if their cars were 4 wheel drive. He called while he was out to tell me that they are not! He helped pull one out of the snow while he was out and about.

As I was standing at the door taking this picture, a car (VW bug, crazy person) got stuck in the middle of the main road and people had to help them. I don't know why people, including my husband, need to get out in this stuff. I love a good snow day at home. I have already accomplished so much today.....made muffins for Bryce for breakfast, did laundry, ordered Bryce's birthday cake, typed up my report card comments, assembled Bryce's ABC mat, ate leftover pizza from last night, ate 3/4 of a bag of almond M&M's, and I'm currently deciding what I want to eat next, ha. Eating is the downfall to a snow day! Is it snowing where you live?

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A Wedding Story said...

I keep seeing crazy people drive down Shady Grove. They are nuts! Ha!