Friday, January 8, 2010

great day

We got snow! Not enough to get us out of school, but enough for a 2 hour delay. I cut the tv on this morning when my alarm went off and the first school announcement on the bottom of the screen said Hanover had a 2 hour delay. I cut the tv and my alarm off and went back to bed! Bryce and I had so much fun playing this morning. I snapped this picture of him walking on his hands and feet. This is what he did the other day when he stood up for the first time. No standing today, but almost.
I was finishing up getting ready this morning and peeked out of the bathroom to check on Bryce and he was sitting on the floor starring up at the tv. I just thought it was the cutest thing. He actually looked like he had an attention span of more than 5 seconds. (Don't tell Jason he was watching figure skating on the Today show). We'll just assume he liked the music and not the actual skating, ha!

When I picked Bryce up from Kelly's today, she said she was taking Chase to Inflatable Palace. I'm sure you have all heard of these things, maybe just under a different name. Jason and I had considered taking Bryce last weekend so Bryce and I decided to tag along.

Bryce and Chase enjoyed playing in the ball pool.

We actually stayed there for 2 hours! Jason was even able to stop by on his way home from work. Here we are in the toddler sized inflatable getting ready to go down the slide.

Here is Bryce coming out at the end. I would love to know what in the world that expression means!

Chase coming out at the end.
I am so excited that we tagged along. Bryce had so much fun! He enjoyed crawling through the inflatables and he didn't seem scared by them. They also had a ton of toys for the kids to play with. We even lucked out because kids under a year are free. We will definitely be going back soon!