Wednesday, January 6, 2010

random update with no pictures

Well, I'm 3 days back in to the swing of things and I'm already ready for summer vacation. The weather man keeps teasing me with that "s" word and I'm getting my hopes up. I'm sure it will pass or barely drop a flake since school is back in and I REALLY want a snow day! If I'm lucky, maybe we will have a delay on Friday morning.

I have found it very difficult getting myself and Bryce ready in time in the mornings. It wasn't until I had dropped Bryce off and I was well on my way to work yesterday that I realized I hadn't eaten breakfast, ugh. I know it will get easier and I will fall back in to my routine at some point.

The worst part of it all has been fixing dinner. It is very hard to fix a meal with a baby on your hip. I can only entertain Bryce with the measuring cups, spoons, and bowls for so long before he is crawling up my leg and begging me to pick him up. It doesn't help that we have had something to do every night this week. I get home, cook dinner, eat dinner, clean up dinner, run an errand, put Bryce to bed, pick up around the house, and then maybe relax for a few minutes before heading to bed. I am E.X.H.A.U.S.T.E.D. I told Jason that we are ordering pizza tomorrow night and all hopes of dieting are going out the window. Cooking healthy meals (or any meal for that matter) has taken a toll on me and I just want to relax and let somebody do the cooking for me! OK there.........I have vented all my frustration that working brings (and it's only be 3 days, THREE)! I feel much better now.

On a more interesting note, Bryce stood up unassisted (no furniture or help from us) last night! He was crawling around his room and then started walking around the floor on his hands and feet and then just stood up. Of course he had fallen down onto his bottom before he was totally vertical, but it counts because he did it ALL by himself! I'll try to post some pictures soon. In the mean time, do a snow dance for me. THANKS!

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A Wedding Story said...

It will get better Grace! You'll get back into your routine soon! I am hoping for a snow day for you!