Saturday, January 16, 2010

bryce update, birthday planning, and such

Oh how I would love to be a stay-at-home mom. As you can tell, a life of working and being a mom and a wife leaves little time to snap a picture or two throughout the week of my precious boy. Since I don't have any pictures to share this week, I thought I could at least update you with ALL of the amazing things Bryce is doing these days.

His vocabulary is growing daily. He can say da-da, ma-ma, na-na (sometimes is means banana and sometimes it means Nana), duck, dog, book, ball, fish, tiger (his newest word), bye-bye, and he can tell you what a cow and a sheep say. He can even make the sound of the animal when he sees the picture of it. We have attempted to get a video of his new words this week, but he gets camera shy when we film!

I'm slowly getting into birthday party planning mode. I have had the invitations made, but I am having a hard time getting them printed in a color that I like. I ordered a whole set from snapfish, but when they came in, the color was totally wrong. Now I'm getting sample ones printed from various places so I can order new ones. I will post a sample once I have a chance to get them in the mail.

If anyone is wondering, our house is STILL on the market and the original house we put a contract on is STILL available. We are desperate to get a contract on our house so we can move and get Bryce a play room. I know more people follow the blog than actually "follow" on my sidebar, so if you know of anyone who (especially a first time home buyer) wants a house in Mechanicsville, send them our way.

I'm off Monday, thank you MLK, so I will try to get a picture or two so you don't forget what Bryce looks like, ha!

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