Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Who needs water anyway?
We had a showing on the house yesterday so we had to pack the whole house up into the car so it would be clean and clutter free. I finally got around to bringing Bryce's bathtub in tonight so I could give him a bath. He enjoyed playing in the tub in his clothes before bath time.

This little boy has some curls! He gets that from me. The curls look so cute when they are wet, but if we don't brush them out, it just turns into a mohawk in the morning. I decided to capture the curls since we are the only ones who ever get to enjoy them.

Bryce has just recently started making a fish face. This was the best I could get tonight. He can contort his mouth into many different fish faces and he makes the silliest sounds while doing it.

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A Wedding Story said...

SO funny! I am loving those precious curls!