Tuesday, January 26, 2010


In an effort to help sell our house, we had our shower remodeled/updated. My parents had theirs done last year and recommended that we do the same. Today was the big day and I couldn't be more pleased! I was even on top of things enough to take before pictures so you could see the comparisons with the final product.
Before: The view of the top of the shower walls to the ceiling.

After: We had the shower walls extended to the ceiling since the lack of an exhaust fan in our bathroom causes paint peeling and a bit of mold.

Before: The fixtures and dirty tile grout.

After: New fixtures and no more tile!

Before: Mold stains on the wall, well water stains on the tub, and just plain nastiness

After: New shelves, new curtain rod, no stains, and did I mention NO tile?!

Before: A nasty tub that I would never take a bath in (thank goodness Bryce's tub sits in this one)

After: a brand spanking new sparkly tub calling my name for a bubble bath
We are so thankful to my parents for suggesting this wonderful renovation and helping foot most of the bill. Hoping someone comes to the open house on Sunday and falls in love with the shower (since it is the only one). Yay!


A Wedding Story said...

Looks amazing! What an awesome gift!!!

Sara said...

That looks great! We are considering the same thing for our master shower - it's all tile just like yours was and it's just impossible to keep clean! What a difference that makes! Good luck with the open house :)