Thursday, January 28, 2010

a long rambling post about an invitation

I spent WAY too much time (and maybe too much money) deliberating about the invitations. I got the invitations here and I just love them! Daina was very easy to work with and she did a great job matching the invitation to Bryce's outfit. However, the colors printed differently with different companies. I printed the invitation at home and it was perfect, so I ordered a set from Snapfish (because they were the cheapest). When I got them, the brown had way too much red in it, so I threw them away. I tried having them printed at Shutterfly on the card stock that they use for announcements and invitations, but no one in the customer service department could get me to a blank template to upload the invitation. The colors at CVS were good, but they don't offer a matte finish and I would have had to trim off the white border around all of them. I finally decided on Costco (they actually ended up being cheaper than Snapfish). I had a print made in the store to see the colors, but I was going to order them online because they had a blank greeting card template and they would have come with envelopes. Well the invitation was too big for the template so I just ordered regular prints and had them mailed to me. The invitations I got were SO NOT the same color (still had too much red) as the print I had made in the store. But.....with much deliberation, I just decided I was over it and enough time and money had been spent! But it is his first birthday and everything has to be perfect, doesn't it?!?

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