Monday, January 25, 2010

11 months

1 more month and this little boy will be a year old!

I want a picture from the other side so I can see him peeking at me upside down. I just can't seem to get that shot.

He does everything with his tongue out theses days!

What are you up to this month, Bryce?
  • You L.O.V.E. to eat, but you are kind of a picky eater. You like all fruits and breads, but you aren't much for veggies or meat.
  • You took your first steps today. It was only about 3 steps, but that is HUGE!
  • Your vocabulary is growing. I did an update on your vocabulary here, but since then, you can tell us what sound the elephant makes (it is too cute) and you can hold up one finger to tell us how old you are going to be!

    I'm sure there is much more that I am leaving out, but I feel like I have been updating your progress this month since you are doing so much. Daddy and I love you so much and we are so happy you are in our lives. You continue to bring us so much joy everyday.

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Brittany and Grant said...

What a sweet boy! I cannot believe he is almost a year....time flies! Can't wait to see him again. (And you guys, of course!)