Wednesday, January 28, 2015

wild game night

We used to host wild game night at our old house every now and then and some how we got to talking with our neighbors about the meat everyone had in their freezer and decided it was time to start up the tradition again. 
Jason had deer, duck and a few frog legs and the neighbors had elk steaks.  It was a feast y'all. 

We sure do love hosting our neighbors who we definitely call friends!!

The ladies of Windsor, ha!

I'm pretty sure Bryce brings out the wig every time they're over.

Emmy cracks me up in this picture with her BFF, Mady!

Jason was showing off his homemade snake skin tie!  He killed said snake the day before our wedding.  Why he still has this after 11 years you ask, because he's Jason.  How do you like his new sweater he just bought?!?  So him, right!!
Courtney is our designated group photographer so I stole these pictures from her Facebook.  Thanks, Courtney! 

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