Friday, January 16, 2015


We got a Jumpology gift card from Jason's parents for Christmas and had planned on using it during Bryce's Christmas break and then we decided they would be too crowded with all the kids out of school.  Jason was off today, so we picked Bryce up a little early from school and surprised him with a trip to Jumpology.  He and Jason have been looking forward to their Ninja Warrior course.
Bryce loved trying out everything.

Muscle man (he gets it from his daddy)!
The pictures don't do it justice.

He has always loved a rock wall.

This girl.

Jumping on the trampoline was more her speed.

Ready, set.........


Love this sweet boy!

Love my sweet girl too!

A few fun videos!
Bryce jumping in to the pit.
Emmy jumping in the pit.
Bryce got brave and attempted a flip. 
Thanks MeMa and PaPa for such a fun gift!

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