Monday, January 5, 2015

roller skating

Bryce got a coupon for our local roller skating rink when he received an award at school so I had told him we would use it over Christmas break!  We headed to the rink on Saturday and met up with the Caddell's and the Shipley's.  Our kids were really looking forward to it!  Bryce and Chase headed out first.
Emmy was pretty pleased with her cute little skates.

Bryce couldn't wait to get out on the floor.  Let's just say, his feet, arms, and body flailed all over the place the entire first lap around.  He wore me out!  I kept trying to get him to hold still so I could tell him how to move his feet, but he just kept slipping all over the place.

Then we got smart and rented a couple of these fancy contraptions.  They didn't have these when we were kids, but honestly, we didn't need them!  I grew up skating with my white skates and hot pink wheels and little skating skirts!

He definitely got up some confidence and picked up some speed.

The boys enjoyed a lap around together, but then they'd had enough!
Once Emmy left the carpet, she was done!  She begrudgingly did a lap around, and then she was done.  Taylor never made it off the carpet and Emmy wanted to be with her! 

The girls had more fun off the rink with their skates off!

Best buds.
This is where they camped out most of the time.  They did enjoy watching the limbo.

The gang's all here, minus Gracie.

We had a decent first time, but I can't guarantee we'll ever be back,  But what I can guarantee, if we do go back, the same carpet from the 90's will still cover 90% of the interior!

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Shipley Mommy said...

My kids had such a great time, and those PVC things are genius! Kudos to whomever came up with that idea. Too bad we didn't see you and Jason do a couple's skate ;) He he.

Thanks for letting us tag along.