Wednesday, January 28, 2015

I want to get back to blogging everyday

For all my faithful readers who are used to me blogging more often, I'm going to try and get back to that!  This post is a glimpse into our Monday this week.  It was a busy morning and Emmy did a great job entertaining herself.  She helped me bake brownies and cookies, but she got bored while they cooked and I cleaned up.  She quickly found a way to entertain herself.  She is obsessed with the kitchen rags and towels and uses them for a new purpose everyday.  Recently she stands on them and they are her stage.  On Monday, she was more interested in the cabinet than the towels and rags in it so she stashed them "out of the way" so she could play.
The cabinet made perfect bunk beds for her babies.  She had toys in there at one point so "they could play when they woke up from their nap".

After our busy morning of baking, we delivered the goodies to Bryce's school for a meeting later that night and then stuck around for lunch!

I am so excited how our downstairs has come along as I've been brave enough to actually decorate and GASP, put holes in the walls!!  I found this fun chalkboard frame at World Market and knew I wanted to use it for a menu board in the kitchen.  I agonized over writing the word "menu" and the days of the week letters.  I think they turned out pretty well though.  I wrote them with my chalk pen because I don't plan to erase them.  The pen doesn't always erase well, so I used regular chalk to write the meals.  Let's just say, my handwriting needs some work, but I blame it on the cheap Roseart chalk I bought!

Thanks for continuing to come back and read here even though I have let way too much time pass between recent posts!

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