Monday, January 26, 2015

weekend fun

The kids planned a sleepover in Bryce's room for Friday night and looked forward to it all week.  It didn't go exactly as well as they/we hoped!!  Bryce came down about five times complaining about Emmy keeping him up and blah, blah, blah.  I finally laid with them until they went to sleep.  Emmy ended up coming in our room at 5:30 to go to the bathroom, which woke Bryce up, and neither of them went back to sleep.  Needless to say, Saturday was an early and long day!
Emmy was back asleep in my bed by 9!

After lunch, Emmy was back asleep on the sofa.

Even Bryce (who never takes naps anymore) fell asleep on the sofa.  They're already asking for another sleepover.  I said maybe next year we'll try again, ha!

After spending all day Saturday (and all winter for that matter) inside, we decided we would get out on Sunday since it was going to be warmer.  We made a full day of it!  We went to church, had lunch with Jason's family, went to his grandma's house for a little birthday celebration for his uncle, and then headed into the city for a little adventure.  We took the kids to Belle Isle for a little hiking and rock hopping. 

The kids were thrilled that Chase and Taylor met us there!

Bryce even did a little rock climbing. 

This excursion was Jason's idea and he led the way to all the fun.  The kids LOVED it!

Kelly and Taylor didn't join us on the rock hoping adventure, but you better believe Emmy wasn't going to be left out!

We're already talking about going back this summer when the water is warm.

Both girls hitched a ride in Emmy's stroller on the walk back.

They enjoyed the foot bridge on and off the island.

Best friends!

We worked up quite an appetite so we headed to Outback for dinner afterwards. 

We decided to go to Sweet Frog for dessert since we were having so much fun and weren't ready for our family fun day to end!

Yesterday was good for the soul.  I enjoyed every second of it!

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