Friday, January 2, 2015

a new year

NYE takes on a whole new meaning now that we have kids.  Not that we ever did anything huge, but we may have dressed up a bit and stayed out late.  This year we had a great time at the Shipleys and then visited with our neighbors before coming home and barely staying awake to ring in the new year.  Last night our neighbors didn't have their kids at home and asked us if we wanted to go out to dinner.  Our kids had plans to spend the night out too, so we made a date!  Celebrating the new year on New Year's Day was just as great!
We decided on a restaurant as we were walking out the door and then got there and they had closed at 5.  So they sent us across the street to a new restaurant, Graffiato. 

We don't get to the city often and it was obvious last night!  We had fun taking pictures of our "small plate" we'd be using for dinner!  I like a variety of foods, but I'm not all that adventurous when it comes to cheeses, flavors, etc.  Jason doesn't like vegetables, but he will try just about anything else. 
We ended up having a wonderful experience, loved all the food, and enjoyed great company with our neighbors.  Some of the small plates we ordered were brussels sprouts, caesar salad, octopus, gnocchi, pizza and most exotic of all.......bone marrow!
We may have had too much fun taking pictures of the bone marrow and being silly, but it was actually SO good. 

Jason was being silly and pretending to drink the bone marrow when the manager walked by and noticed what he was doing.  He suggested taking a shot of bourbon and well..........there you have it!
I didn't wear anything fancy on NYE, but I did buy some new booties for dinner on New Years Day!!  I keep seeing them and really wanted to like them, but kept convincing myself they weren't "me".  I decided to go for it!

And then we just found too many reasons to be silly on the walk back to the car!

You never know what you'll find in the city.  We insisted Jason take a picture with this bike which was missing tires, handle bars, and a seat.  His exact words were "I think I just got hepatitis from touching this thing". 

This was a wonderful start to our 2015!

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