Monday, December 1, 2014

giving back

As we come off the Thanksgiving holiday and into the Christmas season, we want our family to be focused on the real meaning of the season and the things we can do to show God's love to others.  Last year we really focused on the advent season and taught the kids the Christmas story and stayed focused on Jesus.  Now that we have that routine down, we wanted to add something more.  We decided to sponsor Angel Tree children this year to help our kids focus on others who aren't as blessed as we are!
We went to the mall a couple of weeks ago and Bryce and Emmy each chose an angel of the same gender and close in age to themselves. 

We started shopping right away and Emmy was happy to check one of the things off her little girl's list. 

My parents joined the fun with us and helped make Christmas extra special for the two kids we chose.  My mom took each of the kids shopping individually to get some things for each of their angels and I also took the kids.

I have not posted these pictures to boast, but to show what we're teaching our kids during this season where most kids "want, want, want".  The kids had a great time shopping and picking out things off the wish/wants lists and I think they understand the concept behind it all.

We have been praying for our angels that they will have a good Christmas and they will know Jesus if they don't already.  This is just a small way for us to show others Jesus' love!

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