Friday, December 5, 2014

week in review

Our sweet friend Avery came over to play on Tuesday and brought Emmy a gift. 
Emmy got the Jesus Storybook Bible!  Avery's mom is teaching her that one of the greatest gifts God gave us is His word, so she's gifting three of her friends (Jesus got three gifts from the Wise Men) this great Bible.
  We have enjoyed reading this version of the Bible as we do our daily Advent lessons. 

 Christmas cards in the mail are one of my favorite things about the Christmas season!  I look forward to checking the mail everyday!

We had our Christmas meeting at MOPs this week and I was signed up for veggies so I got creative with my display.  Of course I get overwhelmed at being creative so Jason actually arranged the broccoli and made the star, but I did the rest!  

Emmy and I went to the ladies Christmas dinner at church on Thursday night.  We enjoyed sitting with Kelly, Taylor, Me Ma and our friend Ingrid.

Bryce must have really enjoyed his three day school week over Thanksgiving, because a full five days wore him out this week.  He was asleep in the backseat by 4:30 while running errands!

We have a full weekend planned!  Check back for more!

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Melissa said...

We use that bible at church! I love the pictures, and I like how they tie everything in!