Tuesday, December 30, 2014

top 10 in 2014

2014 has been a great year full of wonderful memories for our family.  While the year had its lows (loss of friends and loved ones, surgery for me, etc.), we stayed focused on God and what He is doing in our lives and how he constantly reminds us that He is with us!

In no particular order, here are some of the highlights from 2014:

1. Lots of SNOW

I blogged about snow HERE, HERE, and HERE oh and HERE.

2. Emmy turned 2

I blogged about it HERE, HERE and HERE.  This sweet girl's smile and personality bring us so much joy everyday!

3. Bryce turned 5

I blogged about it HERE, HERE and HERE.  Bryce continues to amaze us with his intelligence and keeps us laughing with his witty personality.
4. Bryce loves baseball

Bryce played his second season of spring and fall ball.  He loves the game and he's a great listener on the field.  We've seen lots of improvement this year!  I blogged about it HERE, but apparently dropped the ball (no pun intended, ha) this year when it came to documenting baseball.

5. We spent Mother's Day at the beach

I LOVE the beach and I'll take any excuse to go, even if it is for the boys to see monster trucks on the beach!  Check out our trip HERE.  We were fortunate enough to go to the beach two additional weeks over the summer too!

6. Kitchen renovation

Updating our kitchen is something I wanted to do since we moved in almost five years ago.  The time and motivation were finally right!  Check out the details HERE.

7. Bryce started KINDERGARTEN

It was hard to let him go, but he was ready and we LOVE his teacher!  Check out all the details HERE and HERE.

8. Emmy started gymnastics

I did gymnastics for a short time, but it wasn't for me, but I've always loved it.  Emmy has completed two sessions and seems to really be enjoying it.  She will start up her next session next week.  Check out some pictures HERE and HERE.

9. Running Series

While baseball doesn't require much running, we quickly realized Bryce's love for running.  When a flier came home from school about a running series, we signed Bryce up right away.  Emmy even ended up running in the last two races.  I think we will be putting the kids in the spring series as well.  Bryce even ran in an annual race at his school to honor a dear friend of ours who passed away this summer.

10. Neighbors

We are coming up on living in our house for 5 years and we are excited to have finally met our neighbors and made friends with them.  The Jacksons live down the street from us and we have enjoyed getting to know their family.  Our kids love theirs, and we have so much fun with their parents! We have also become friends with their new next door neighbors and we're really enjoying all the get togethers that keep bringing us together!

We were so blessed in 2014 and we look forward to many more great memories in 2015. 

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Shipley Mommy said...

It's been a great year for the Whitlocks--glad that you included the Shipley's in much of it! Here's to a great 2015! You all deserve it!