Tuesday, December 2, 2014

do you want to build a ........ gingerbread house

We went to the Boar's Head Inn on Sunday for lunch and gingerbread house building.  The decorations there were just beautiful and perfect for LOTS of picture taking.
Sweet Emmy girl.

Handsome Bryce man.

Bryce was in quite a goofy mood and hammed it up for a few of the pictures.

Seriously Bryce?

I would love for these people to come decorate my house.  Everything was SO pretty!

This may be the only picture I have of all of us.  What a treasure!

Four generations.

L.O.V.E. this tree!

After lunch and lots of pictures, it was finally time to decorate gingerbread houses.  We went to the Boar's Head Inn when I was younger and the house building was much more involved.  We used to have to assemble the house ourselves and they even had candied stained glass to put in the window holes.  These gingerbread houses are much more the kids' speed!

Bryce's before and after.  Nana and Pap helped him decorate his house.  They were really good about letting him do it his way!

Santa made a visit while we worked.

Emmy's before picture.

And after!  Jason and I helped her with hers.  She did some and had a few ideas of her own, but she was more interested in eating the candy!

She spotted Santa immediately and wasn't happy about it, but she calmed down after he visited and left her for the other children!

HERE is our visit from two years ago. 

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