Saturday, December 20, 2014

christmas town

Our neighbors got free tickets to Christmas Town at Busch Gardens and invited us to tag along.  The kids were so excited to spend so much time with their new friends!
Emmy enjoyed riding this particular ride, but Bryce didn't because his buddy was too tall to ride with him.

Jason, the engineer, is always working and decided to get the heater going for us while we waited for the kids to ride a ride!

We rode a ride that was similar to the scrambler at Kings Dominion and Emmy LOVED it.  She laughed the whole time!

The boys enjoyed their ride too!

Bryce had such a great time with Will. 

For some reason, Bryce thought that he would get a stuffed penguin if he took a picture with this penguin.  It didn't really work that way, but we did find a game the kids could play and everyone was a winner and they happened to have stuffed penguins.  SCORE!

Happy boy!

Emmy was so excited to ride the mini bumper cars.

 Bryce was too short to ride this particular ride, but he had fun testing out the seat.

I didn't capture many of the lights, but they were amazing.  And just as nice as the lights were, was the fresh scent of the Christmas trees all around.  It may have sold me on a real tree next year!

Riding the ski ride.

We had such a great time with the Jacksons and are so thankful they asked us to join them! 

We had so much fun and we wore the kids out!  Emmy was asleep in her stroller before we ever left the park and Bryce was not far behind once we got in the car!

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