Monday, December 8, 2014

kids' christmas musical

We had our annual hanging of the green service at church last night in conjunction with the kids' Christmas musical.  The kids worked so hard and it was so cute.  Emmy got to put her last angel on the Chrismon tree this year.  I think last year was technically her last year, but they sent her to me to go up on stage so we did!
The first song the kids sang was Jump for Joy!
Quite a few of the kids who practiced with us on Wednesday nights weren't at the actual performance so Bryce picked up a few lines in addition to the reading he had.
Even Emmy got a line this year. 
It was questionable whether or not she would say her lines, but she nailed it!
"Ms. Cindy, how and where are we supposed to find him?"
We worked on Bryce's acting skills and being EXCITED for this line.  There was a disconnect somewhere!
Just a little dancing to "Emmanuel".
I think this was Emmy's favorite dance.  She just liked spinning around, but she made sure her feet were on her tape after every turn!
Bryce had the important role of reading Luke 2.  He practiced reading from his beginner Bible each night and he was ready!
Unfortunately there was a microphone issue, but he did great!
Nana and Pap were proud of these little cuties!
This year we're rejoicing that our good friend Grayson was healed after a serious accident and is able to worship with us this Christmas.  He just adores the little kids at church!

I love this time of year!!

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