Friday, December 19, 2014

gymnastics and a party

Jason was off today so we both got to watch Emmy at gymnastics.  I hadn't been the past three weeks, so it was nice to see her in action again.
She was excited to do "forward rolls" (flips) on the bar.  Today was the last class of the session, but I didn't get any pictures of her getting her award. 
After gymnastics, we ran some errands and then had lunch at school with Bryce.  Afterwards, I was the mystery reader in his class and then we took him home early with us!  We ran more errands and then the kids went to my parents' house because we had a Christmas party to attend.  The party didn't start until 7 so we had a little time to have a little date night at home before we left.  I sure am going to miss the Christmas décor.

We took this yummy tortellini dish to the party.  I would definitely recommend it!

We had a great time at the party with friends, good food and TONS of laughs. 

We all brought white elephant gifts and we won the veggetti (it may have already found its way back to Target). 

One of the other gifts was Cards Against Humanity.  We played it later in the evening and let me just say, WOW!!  It was hilarious, but very inappropriate!

We had a great time at the party and I can't for the life of me figure out why we only plan this many fun organized events around Christmas.  We've got to step up our game throughout the year and have some more fun!

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