Thursday, December 18, 2014

a little partying

Tis the season for a party!  Last night I went to an annual Christmas dinner with my former co-workers.  I was asked to bring an appetizer so I brought these yummy BLT bites.  For some reason, whenever I need to take a dish or a meal to a family, I always turn to Pinterest and tackle something new.  I should probably turn to old staples in case my new creations aren't good, but oh well.  These BLT bites were so yummy!   

I am so thankful that the fourth grade team invites me back each year even though I'm not teaching anymore.  My seven years at Rural Point and the relationships I made there mean a lot to me and I'm so glad we have stayed in touch.  I just love these ladies!
When I got home from that party, I started preparing snacks for Bryce's breakfast Christmas party today at school.  Jason and I made the snowmen and reindeer last night and then I made the Grinch kabobs this morning along with waffle mix for a waffle decorating station!  Jason was very proud of all 48 pretzel antlers he so precisely cut!

The kids got to wear pajamas today for their party!

The kids made a reindeer ornament out of a light bulb (thanks to my neighbor for the bulbs and idea)!I'm so glad I get to stay home and be a part of all these fun memories for Bryce. 

I forgot to get a picture of Bryce and his teacher in their pajamas while I was at the party so I texted her later and asked her to get the aide to take a picture.  We just love his teacher!

I also forgot to get a picture of Bryce's stocking.  The kids each brought in a stocking and items to stuff into their classmate's stockings.  He was excited about all of his goodies.

Emmy hasn't actually attended the parties, but she's been riding all around town with me in preparation for everything and missed a few naps.  It caught up to her yesterday!  Sweet girl.

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