Saturday, November 29, 2014

preparing for advent

One of my mom friends from MOPs introduced me to Truth in the Tinsel last year and we loved it.  It is a great hands on way to teach the Christmas story through the advent season.  Click HERE for more information.
This is a very easy to use "book" and you can alter it to your needs and lifestyle.  This year we will be using "The Clue" section.  This is simply a picture and word card that we put inside our advent calendar to give us the main idea for the day.  If you don't have this style advent calendar, they also provide a printable paper chain with the word clues that you can add to or take away each day!
The kids will listen for the clue each day as you read select scripture.  After you read, the kids will make an ornament that represents the clue.  We did the craft version last year and had lots of fun (click HERE for a recap from last year).  However, with Bryce in school this year and Emmy's still small attention span, I opted to use their printable supplement ornaments this year. 
I'm super excited to get started on Monday.  How will you make this Christmas season meaningful and memorable for your family?

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