Wednesday, November 26, 2014

all i want for christmas is.....

....a dream lite pillow pet!
Both kids asked Santa for a dream lite pillow pet.  I went out yesterday morning and was successful in marking that off the Christmas to do list!
We made our annual trip to Bass Pro Shop on Monday night to see Santa.  Both kids had been looking forward to it and couldn't wait for us to finally pick a date to go.  I was SO proud of Emmy for making it through the experience with NO tears this year (a whole year earlier than Bryce did).

The toys in Santa's wonderland are just as good as actually seeing Santa!

Daddy's little hunter!  Of course when we asked him to shoot a pellet gun last weekend at a water balloon he refused!  That's my boy!

The girls enjoyed crafting before dinner.

Bryce was the last one done as he had to put all the perfect touches on his ornament.

These two just melt my heart!

The cousins.

This sweet girl keeps me smiling!

A look back at Santa visits over the years.

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