Thursday, November 20, 2014


To say I've neglected the blog this month is an understatement!  I've also failed to take pictures this month and actually capture the everyday.  Luckily, Jason had some pictures on his phone I was able to steal. 

I went to a parent-teacher conference for Bryce back on election day.  We got such a great report about Bryce that Jason insisted we go to Bruster's for ice cream!

Emmy had no complaints about Bryce's good report!

Jason was off the Friday I went to Charlotte so he went to school and had lunch with Bryce.  The kids loved it because the parent table was full so Jason got to sit with Bryce's class!

Jason was on report card duty while I was out of town.  This was the only picture he sent me.  He figured the teacher comment was the best part since he got an "M" for mastery on everything!

I went to a BLOOM party last month and ordered this tree skirt.  It came in last week and I was immediately in the mood to decorate for Christmas. 

It took me a while to decide which side to use this year.  I went with the chevron, but I may end up switching it half way through since the tree will have been up for so long!

The tree went undecorated for a few days and Bryce couldn't stand it!  We finally got around to decorating it on Friday afternoon!  I was really good about letting the kids help, but I did spread out a few ornaments after Emmy put 8 on one branch! 

The cold weather arrived a little too early this year.  I've been keeping warm with lots of hot chocolate.

I'll try not to take such a long hiatus next time!

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