Thursday, October 31, 2013

happy halloween

Our church does trunk-or-treat on Halloween every year and I stress about my trunk for the entire month.  I always put it off until the last minute and rush around like a crazy person trying to get it together the day of.  I saw where someone had done Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc/University and thought it would be a big hit.  I asked my friend Barbara to help me since she is way more creative and crafty than I am.  We divided and conquered this morning and gathered supplies and then met back up at my house to create this masterpiece!
I think it looked amazing and I'm pretty impressed that I was able to recreate it when we got to church.

The cousins helping MeMa set up her picnic.

Kelly did a tattoo parlor.  So fun!

My little mermaid loved trick-or-treating.  I was a nervous wreck making sure she didn't get any peanut/peanut butter candy.

Barbara was so excited to see our masterpiece in action when her family came by so the kids could trick-or-treat.  It was a big hit with everyone!

And a little Halloween fun from earlier in the week.

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Shipley Mommy said...

Teeth= creepy! Eww! ;) Your kids will know how to gross Barbara out the next time we visit ;)

I am so glad we got to share some of the Halloween holiday with you guys. Your "trunk" rocked and totally was the best one there. :)