Wednesday, October 9, 2013

pumpkin patch fun

My MOPS group had an outing to the pumpkin patch yesterday and we were so excited to go.  Naturally we dressed in our pumpkin attire for the occasion. 
We went to a local vegetable farm.  This was the first time I've ever been here and I've lived here almost all my life.  Always fun to find new things. 

Picking a pumpkin is such a hard decision.  We ended up getting a green one off the vine.  We already have plenty of orange and white pumpkins so I thought it would be fun to add some other color to the mix.

Bryce's friend, Addison, from school is also in our MOPS group.  He was glad to see a familiar face the first day we went to MOPS because he wasn't sure how he was going to like it.

After we picked pumpkins, they provided apples for snack and then we fed the leftovers to the farm animals.

Emmy had her eye set on the bounce houses when we got there.  No one ever mentioned them and no one was jumping in them so I asked if we could jump and they said yes.  I think everyone had the same thought, but didn't want to ask.  Bryce and Addison were delighted to see that they were twins once they took their jackets off. 

Making "snow" angels in the corn kernels.

This is way better than a sand box.

We had such a fun morning.  The kids enjoyed playing and I really enjoyed getting to know some new moms.  The fall weather arrived finally arrived and it was quite chilly without the sunshine.  But at least it felt like fall for our fun activity!

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Melissa said...

Those pigtails are TOO precious!! Looks like lots of fun. We still need to pick out a pumpkin (or two) for our front stoop.