Friday, October 25, 2013

5 on friday

Jason has started his every other Friday off schedule at work again and I LOVE it.  We were in Charleston for his first Friday off and now this week we'll be home and can just relax.  I love a three day weekend with the family every other week!
I am loving this pumpkin cupcake soap from Bath and Body Works.
I know I must seem like the most pumpkin obsessed person you've ever met since I'm always posting pumpkin stuff, but I really only like pumpkin from September - November.  I made these pumpkin cake balls the other night for our small group and they were delicious.   

I love shopping and I love getting a few new pieces every now and then, but now that I'm not working, I can't shop like I used to.  I've gotten pretty good about just shopping at Target and I only shop at my favorite stores if there are sales and I have coupons.  This Sunday we did a little "Goodwill hunting" after church since the kids weren't with us.  I know some people may not like the idea of shopping at Goodwill, but if you're up for the hunt, you can find some great things.   I got a pair of Banana Republic jeans for $6.99, a pair of American Eagle jeans for $6.99, and a really cute pair of Target Merona brand polka dot skinny jeans (brand new with tags) for $4.99.  Jason got a pair of Gap khakis for $4.99 and a sport coat for $6.99.   

I've been loving this look I pinned on Pinterest a while back.  I was excited when I realized I already had all the pieces in my closet except the yellow scarf.  And believe it or not, I was able to snag the scarf at Walmart for $5!!
I styled my striped shirt with the yellow scarf, black pants, and leopard flats for dinner when we were in Charleston and really liked the look.  Her shoes and stripes are camo, but I went with leopard and it worked. 
The weather has turned cold here this week so I added the black cardigan today and wore my new AE jeans I snagged at Goodwill on Sunday. 

Happy Friday everyone! 


Sara @ Making Memories of Us said...

Hello from the link-up! I am loving your outfit you put together. I have been pretty much obsessed with navy lately. I got a navy striped shirt from Old Navy and it would go perfect for this same outfit. Thanks for the inspiration!

Jodi said...

Great Goodwill finds and cute outfit!

elise @ cheers yall said...

what a perfect combination of things i love so much too. cake balls and goodwill. yes. :)


Shipley Mommy said...

You are always such a fashionista! ;) PS; The kids ate all of your pumpkin cake balls you sent and LOVED them!!