Tuesday, October 22, 2013

we needed a day like this

We didn't have anything on the calendar today.  That is BIG.  We didn't have anywhere we needed to be and I didn't have any errands to run.  I went to bed last night with such excitement knowing that we wouldn't have to rush or be on any schedule today!  Sometimes we all just need a day like this.  We rarely watch tv during the day, but today was different.  The kids enjoyed cozying up and relaxing in front of the tv for a few cartoons this morning. 
After breakfast the kids helped me do some baking for our small group tonight.  They were great helpers!

Once we cleaned up our mess, we did a little work.

We were all still in our pajamas when Bryce's friend Thomas came over to play for a while this afternoon.  I had to finally get the kids dressed so we could go outside and play.  I didn't even get in the shower until 4:00 today, ha!

Bryce was excited about the 10 leaves that have fallen in our yard so we had to rake them up and play.

Best friends!

And then this happens!

The rest of the week and weekend are busy, but it sure was nice to relax today!


elise @ cheers yall said...

love this. days like that are the best!!! i know i'll appreciate them even more when i have kiddos one day!


Melissa said...

Days for doing nothing are so great! I can't wait to have one, but we haven't gotten there yet. Tempted to take a personal day for it.

Shipley Mommy said...

Thanks for letting Thomas in to your rest and relax day--hopefully he helped keep the tone that way!!

And, I love the leaf pics! Bryce & Emmy will have to come over to our house when I get around to raking here. They would love it. We have A LOT of trees!!!