Friday, October 4, 2013

on the farm and to the fair

I took to the kids with me to visit a good friend and former co-worker on Wednesday.  The kids always anticipate the golf cart ride around her property, but today they even got to sit on the tractor!
Love these two!

When we left Donna's, we went home and picked up Jason and headed to the state fair.  Bryce really wanted to get food for the animals.  We ended up buying a cup of dry food and a bag of carrots.  Neither kid would feed the animals.  Figures!! 

Bryce and Emmy were very excited to meet up with Chase, Taylor, Kelly and MeMa and PaPa. 

Bryce looks forward to the ducks on the slide.  This is the first year we've actually seen them go down the slide!

Riding the tea cups.  Jason had to be the adult for this ride.  I can ride a roller coaster any day of the week, but put me on something that spins and I'm done!

The boys enjoyed riding a few rides.

Bryce even convinced Jason to go up on the helicopter ride with him.  That spun a little too much even for Jason!

Emmy slept through the ferris wheel ride at 8 months old last year.

My sweet babies. 

Bryce had apparently eyed a toy early on that he wanted and told MeMa and PaPa about it.  They gave him some money for it and he was excited to find it on the way out.  Emmy was thrilled that she got something too (even though you can't tell in the picture)! 

She was down right giddy over this inflatable Dora.  She held on to it the entire ride home and didn't even fall asleep on the almost 30 minute ride home at 8:30 at night. 

She insisted on taking it to bed with her.  We took it out once she got to sleep.

Such a great night with my family. 

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Shipley Mommy said...

Some great pictures in this post! Love the cutesy little ducks...and the siblings on the tractor. What a fun day!