Wednesday, October 30, 2013

bryce's harvest festival

Bryce had his harvest festival and party at school today and got to dress up in his Halloween costume.  I typically leave Emmy behind for school events, but I couldn't resist dressing her up in her mermaid costume and bringing her along!
Emmy loves mermaids.  Kelly found this costume at Old Navy during a flash sale and bought Emmy and Taylor matching costumes.  We'll have to get a picture of the two together.  Emmy has the thickest accent when she says mermaid and it cracks me up!

Bryce the knight!  The helmet gets in the way a little bit.

Emmy joined right in with all of the activities with Bryce's class.  She enjoyed playing with Henry's sister Emily.  They've become friends on the baseball field while the boys play!

Bryce and his best buds from school.

After the kids played Halloween themed games, they went to music class and the parents got to watch.

After music they did crafts and then headed back to the classroom for lunch. 

Happy Halloween Eve!

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