Friday, November 1, 2013

5 on friday

November is here and what a fun way to start off the month!  I'm linking up with the girls (Darci, AprilChristina and Natasha again this week for another edition of 5 on Friday.
Emmy girl has always been my cuddler and boy do I love it.  Bryce never wanted to sit in my lap and never wanted to be rocked to sleep, but this girl is different!  We climbed up in my bed on Monday to watch a cartoon while Bryce was at school and she was asleep in seconds.  I savored every second of it.  I hated to wake her when we had to get Bryce from school.
I had to put Emmy in timeout for the first time Wednesday night for biting Bryce.  We never had to deal with biting with Bryce and we never used timeout with him because he didn't really understand it.  But last night Jason was busy so I had to put her in timeout so I could deal with Bryce who was crying hysterically.  She was so pitiful, but she truly did seem to understand what she had done. 

I don't know what I'd do without Pinterest.  It really has helped me stay in the loop with new fashion trends.  I feel like it takes me a while to get back into fashion after having kids, but now I have help at my fingertips.  I've noticed the blazer trend is big right now and I really like this look.

 I found this blazer at Target on Saturday and couldn't wait to wear it to church on Sunday.  I wasn't sure if I really liked the black shirt with it, but when I tried a white shirt with it, I realized the white stripe was more of a dull white and it just didn't look as good.

People without kids probably look forward to changing the clocks and "falling" back and getting that extra hour of sleep.  However, those of us with kids dread it like the plague.  I finally have Bryce sleeping in until 7:30 (yes, that's sleeping in) and now he'll be up at 6:30 again.  I have been loving our routine and now it's going to be turned upside down. 
Jason has been traveling with work quite a bit lately and he was in Philadelphia this week.  When he was there a couple of weeks ago he had hoped to climb the Rocky steps but the entire complex was shut down in preparation for a Jay-Z concert.  He had much better luck this week and was able to pose with the Rocky statue!  I think he looks just like him, don't you?
Happy Friday, y'all.  And I promise, I do take pictures of Bryce, but apparently there weren't any that I hadn't already shared this week!


Rychelly said...

Found your blog on the link-up! LOVE that blazer!! And yes, I am dreading daylight savings like none other!!

Jennie said...

I love those little cuddle times like that! I also loving how you styled the red pants! Great ideas :) I would love if you would come linkup with me today!

Shipley Mommy said...

You are such a fashionista! :) And, I am sorry Emmy got in trouble. I (literally) feel your pain :(

Linda said...

I totally agree about the time change. Kills the schedule with little ones.
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