Monday, November 25, 2013

all I want for Christmas......

We headed to Bass Pro Shop tonight with Jason's family for our annual Santa picture.  The kids were all smiles when we got there!
Bryce and Emmy were excited to see Chase and Taylor when they got there.  Still all smiles!

Things took a turn real quick once we got to Santa.  Emmy started crying right away which sent Taylor into hysterics and she jetted!

I'm the mean mom who made Emmy stay for the picture even though she clearly wanted to run with Taylor!  I love that the Santa picture is free (unless you want to buy a package) and they basically pay you to get your picture taken because the kids get a coupon for a free meal at Islamorada Fish Company.  These pictures are seriously priceless though!   

We took pictures after dinner so we could get all the kids in the same picture!  They were too busy practicing their silly faces so we had a hard time getting a good shot.  They were just glad to not be sitting on Santa's lap!  The kids didn't even tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas, ha!
I clearly had not planned to be in the Santa picture this year!  I thought for sure they'd be fine, but you'll notice in the next set of pictures, Bryce didn't sit happily with Santa until his 4th Christmas!
A look back at our Santa pictures.


Shipley Mommy said...

Oh, so funny! Poor Emmy and Taylor!
But, you know what I love best, right?! The matching outfits! :)

Melissa said...

Aww, poor Emmy! At least Bryce is ready to be in the pictures. I dread taking Keagan for one. He is getting braver (he sat to get his hair cut for about 5 snips before trying to get out of the chair and having to be held last week), but I will be surprised if he's ready for Santa.