Thursday, November 29, 2012

visit with santa

We went to Bass Pro Shop last night to see Santa.  All in all, it was a success.  This was the first year Bryce was willing to sit on Santa's lap.  He looks terrified, but he did really well and told Santa everything he wanted for Christmas!  Emmy lasted a few minutes and then lost it!
I wasn't able to scan our actual picture into the computer, but it looks a lot like this next one except Emmy and Santa were exchanging a glance.  She wasn't too sure what to think!

All the grand kids in front of the big tree.

Each year after getting our picture with Santa, we head to the Bass Pro Shop restaurant for dinner and we always seem to stop by this camo chair for a photo op!  Here was our first year back in 2009.

One day they will all look at the camera at the same time!  Here they were in 2010.

We just love making Christmas memories with the kids!  And here we were last year 2011.

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