Thursday, November 8, 2012

for the love of Target....and my Mama

When I was working, it was nothing for me to go to Target on a weekly basis.  I just love Target!  I would go to Target for things I needed and would leave with even more things I didn't need!  It was a fun way to kill time and load up on necessities and other cute things I didn't think I could live without!
Now that I'm not working, I don't visit Target very often.  I usually only go to buy formula, diapers, and gifts.  I have to put my blinders on and go in for what I need and come right back out!  I don't enjoy wandering aimlessly anymore because I want everything!  I seriously would like to win "Target for a year".
My mom and I headed to Target today while Bryce was in school so I could do a little Christmas shopping for him.  As we shopped, I found things that Bryce wanted and things I wanted for myself and Emmy.  My Mama, being the most generous and caring person I know, definitely helped me fill my Target void today!  I left with a new Christmas tree topper, hair bows for Emmy, and lots of pop-tarts for Jason and Bryce (that's exactly what Bryce asked for this morning).  Thanks Mama for always looking out for us and putting a smile on our face!

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Sara said...

So fun! Mom's are the best :-)