Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I have a love hate relationship with Christmas cards.  I LOVE sending them, but I strongly DISLIKE the process of getting the perfect picture.  Fortunately, my good friend Beth is a much more skilled photographer than Jason and I could ever be.  She was generous enough to take pictures of the kids this weekend in hopes of getting the perfect picture!  Hopefully she will be willing to do this again for us down the road when both kids will actually look at the camera and smile at the SAME time!  I think I found a few keepers out of the 325 pictures.  I thought I would let you enjoy a few of the out-takes while you wait for your Christmas card to arrive in the mail.
If one was smiling at the camera, the other was not!
If one was looking at the camera, the other was not!

Bryce is supposed to be the one I can count on for always looking at the camera and always smiling. 

Whether or not they were looking or smiling, they were SO good and you could clearly see how much they love each other!

Emmy loves Bryce so much!

Bryce loves her too and he puts up with her SO well.

I just love how the pictures turned out.  Beth was able to capture so many sweet candid moments of the kids.  If you live in the Richmond area and need a great photographer, check out Elizabeth Lassiter Photography!  Thanks Beth!

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Angela Marie Batistil said...

OMG! They're so cute and adorable! It makes me want to have kids now. lol