Wednesday, November 28, 2012

more on my love for Target

Bryce made his Christmas list quite a while ago and he definitely has it memorized!  When asked what he wants for Christmas, he rambles off everything but the monster truck set (luckily he hasn't really added anything).  Since I was in control of the making of this list, I feel as though we definitely have to deliver this Christmas!  So, Santa has been quite busy!
We used the Toys R Us and Target catalogs to make this list.  The Target ad had a page of coupon inserts that helped a TON with the gifts on Bryce's list!. 

Monster trucks are at the top of Bryce's Christmas list, but he has so many that I can't seem to make myself spend money on any more!  He loves the Hot Wheels brand monster trucks if anyone is looking for ideas for him for Christmas!!
The next thing on his list was a scooter.  Chase has a Lightning McQueen scooter so Bryce insists that he needs one too!  I snagged this scooter on sale and used a $5 coupon for a total savings of $13.99!

Next on Bryce's Christmas list was a big boy bike.  Chase has outgrown his first big boy bike so he will be giving Bryce his for Christmas (big money savings score!).  We'll be giving him a helmet and bell to go along with his new riding toys!
Again, Bryce needs everything that Chase has so "monster truck set" was put on the list!  I'm not a big fan of the Grave Digger emblems, but it is what it is and I had a $5 coupon for a Hot wheels purchase!

Lastly on his list were Legos.  I went with the Duplo size because I think the standard legos are still too small for him to work well.  And I KNOW they are too small for Emmy and my sanity trying to keep her out of them!  We got him a big box of legos and a mat for building and I had a $5 coupon for a Lego purchase!

While I didn't hit the money savings jackpot at Target for Bryce like I did at Toys R Us for Emmy, I'm pleased with my $24 savings!

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