Wednesday, November 14, 2012

stone soup

Bryce had his Stone Soup Thanksgiving program at school today.  Since today wasn't a school day for him, he got to come in and help make stone soup before the program.  I was really excited to see him and hear the songs he's been signing around the house for the past few weeks.
Bryce really surprised me today. He is typically very shy and hides in the background, but today he sang the songs and did all the motions.  It was too cute!

This was Bryce's place mat and table decoration he made for today.

Bryce and his buddies Aiden and Chase.  I love that Bryce has these specail friends to grow up with.  I'm glad that they have a bond at church and school.

I took a video of all the songs they sang, but thought I'd spare you!  I think he participated the most in this one.

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