Tuesday, November 6, 2012

9 months

Emmy girl is 9 months old today!  The older she gets, the more difficult the photo shoot gets.  You will get a kick out of the progression of pictures this time!

Height/Length: 27inches (25%)
Weight: 15lbs 14oz (10%)
Head: 16 7/8 (25%)
She's petite just like her brother and her parents!  You're wearing 6-9/9mo clothes and size 3 diapers. 

You are really starting to show your personality.  You enjoy standing up in your crib and throwing your paci out when we put you to bed at night and for naps.  I typically go in your room 2-3 times to give you your paci before you lay down and give up!  You've started sticking out your tongue when you do things and it is the cutest thing.  You have started babbling a little more.  You say baba and mama and you make an elephant sound!

You have been enjoying table food for quite some time even though we didn't get the official go ahead until today.  I don't know how you learned the concept of feeding Macy, but you are always offering Macy your bagel over the side of your high chair.  You are very good at picking up food and putting it in your mouth!  You really enjoy bananas, blueberries, bagels, and you have even eaten green beans!  You can even hold your bottle and feed yourself now!  You spit up a ton when you were younger and it has gotten better, but I will be glad when you are over it!

You have gotten two bottom teeth over the past week or so.  You thankfully handled teething very well and I wouldn't have even known you were teething, but I happened to run my finger over one when I was feeding you a piece of food.  You had one night that they may have bothered you, but that was it!  You have your first cold and you are just miserable at night.  You are fine during the day, but you dread me coming at you with the tissue.  Boy does it make you mad when I wipe your nose.  The past two nights have been rough, but you are happy as long as we are holding you.  I just wish I was better at sleeping in the rocker or sofa so I could get more sleep while comforting you!

You are a speedy crawler and you pull up on everything.  You have started cruising a little.  You aren't able to stand on your own yet.  I've been working on signing "more", waving, and clapping, but you just aren't ready!

Bryceman at 9 months!

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