Wednesday, November 25, 2009

9 months

Our 9 month old boy
20 lbs 4 oz (60%)
27.5 in (50%)
What else are you up to?
  • you respond to your name
  • you are starting to crawl on all fours
  • you can go from your belly to a sitting position
  • wave "hi" and "bye" (sometimes)
  • you can't stand wearing socks
  • you know what a ball is and you try to say ball whenever you see one
  • you can give five (only down low)
  • you are starting to make some sounds (ma, da, ba, ga, pa)
Say cheese!

What a happy boy!

This is where you can find Bryce most days! (Thanks Chase)

This picture was suppose to come before the last one so you can see him pulling up to the table. Such a sweet expression on his face.

Mommy and Bryce