Friday, November 13, 2009

jump jump

Is that a happy face, or what?

Jason was off today, so he and Bryce got to play inside A LOT since the hurricane didn't allow for much outdoor fun. We just recently started using the Johnny Jump Up again. Bryce was never happy in it for very long and he would swing his head around and bang it on the door frame. Now that he knows how to move a little more, he LOVES it. He learned very quickly how to jump! He gets so excited when he does it and these are just a few pictures of his reaction.

Jason said Bryce was great today and didn't cry a bit! As I write this, Bryce is fussing away in his bed after being asleep for 2.5 hours. He drooled about as much today as the amount of water that dripped from our ceiling thanks to the hurricane. I'm thinking maybe finally teeth. We just went in and gave Bryce some Tylenol and loaded his gum up with Orajel. May be a false alarm, but at least maybe the Tylenol will make him sleep!

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