Sunday, November 22, 2009

not your typical sunday

Today started off with what I thought would be a typical Sunday with some holiday festivities mixed in. Bryce wore his Thanksgiving shirt today since we were going to the Thanksgiving service at church tonight (so we thought). However, we ended up in the ER at about 4:00 because my heart thought it would be a great time for SVT to rear its ugly head again. I was certain I would be home in time to bake cookies, go to church for the service (and show off this cute little boy in his festive shirt), and help the fellowship committee serve dessert. WRONG! Even though this bout of SVT was no where near as severe as the last time, I forgot how long the emergency room process is (and that's with being taken right back since we know people in high places. Thanks, Aimee!) Needless to say, today didn't turn out quite as planned, but we did get a few festive things done around the house before chaos broke out.

I put up one of the two big trees before we went to church this morning. Bryce was mesmerized by the Christmas tree lights he was seeing for the first time. Yay for Bryce's first Christmas this year! It's hard to tell, but he is touching a light. It should be fun keeping him away from it all month!

I was able to get the tree decorated this afternoon after church before my SVT broke out. Bryce enjoyed holding onto an ornament while he watched Paw Paw picking up leaves in the yard. Thank you so much!! It needed it very badly!

Macy also enjoyed watching Paw Paw suck up the leaves! Thank goodness he was here. We were able to leave Bryce with him and race to the hospital that is luckily 15 seconds away.

I was very excited when I walked in from the hospital and saw my blue and white snowman tree twinkling away! A great ending to a not so typical day!

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